About Us

Nkangala training centre is situated in Emalaheni the Nkangala region. The training centre aims to respond to South Africa’s need for more engineers; managers such as financial personnel and project managers as well as skilled technical employees such as artisans. These are also the needs that have been identified by the key economic sectors that surround the training centre: steel products, mining (coal) and electricity (power stations). All Nkangala training centre course are career-orientated in order to make it accessible to an increasing number of students in need of accredited qualifications that will open doors to the labour market or self-employment opportunities.


strives to empower people skills by

  • Promoting an exceptional value added service, recognized as one of the best in the industry.
  • Providing and ensuring customer satisfaction with the best service on time.
  • Constantly strive to improve quality of our service in the quest for perfection.
  • Produce quality workmanship.


• Providing good quality services and working under safe conditions

• Provide quality products at competitive prices

•Conduct our business in an extra-hygienic environment so that we do not expose our customers to diseases.

• To ensure and guarantee customer satisfaction through quality products and services.


• Threat all customers with dignity and respect.

• Allow customers to define quality and constantly thrive to meet the expectation.

• Conduct business with honesty, integrity, transparency and diligence

• Embrace continuous improvements of operations in service delivery.

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